Travel and tourism, two of the most popular trends in the need for escapism or escape. To get away from your daily constraints, Europe offers you picturesque and mythical places. For a long time, Europe has been ranked as the best continent in terms of travel and tourism potential. Many European sites attract visitors from all over the world. Are you dreaming of a week of incomparable adventure and getting some fresh air? Here are the ideal destinations for your trip to Europe.

Why choosing travel destinations in Europe?

Sometimes, travel is a luxury that everyone has to afford, at least once in a lifetime. For a perfect expedition, you need to know how to travel in Europe and the best places to visit. Certainly, Europe has places with breathtaking landscapes. The advantages of travelling in Europe are not only the beauty of the continent, but also its proximity. It is easy to travel in Europe, as you only have to take the train for your tours. In addition, you do not need special permission to visit European countries.

Attractive destinations in Southern Europe

Not far from Switzerland, Piedmont, a region in the north of Italy, is a perfect destination if you love hiking in the Italian Alps. Moreover, when travelling to Turin, the capital of Piedmont, you have the opportunity to see Baroque architectural constructions. Enjoy beauty with Greece: certainly the European country that has the best sites for your travels. Situated in the south of Europe, Greece offers you thousands of islands to visit. Check if you are interested in discovering more about Greece. Your expedition is sure to be well-filled by visiting the famous and mythical Hellenic places. As far as accommodation is concerned, the Santorini archipelago is home to several hotels with picturesque views.

Western Europe and its great places for expeditions

Monte-Carlo: a Monegasque district, home to travel circuits in the heart of the Mediterranean. One of the most attractive countries in Europe, Monaco is a dream destination for people who love cultural and sporting activities, such as the "Master de Monte-Carlo" tennis tournament, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Monte-Carlo Car Rally. Lucerne: a Swiss city for travellers who love the mountains and the architecture of the Middle Ages. In addition, one of the most colourful destinations, the city offers various outdoor activities on its mountains: parachuting, canyoning, paragliding and base jumping in wingsuit.