Published on : 15 June 20203 min reading time

If you are a road trip enthusiast, or an atypical trip out of the ordinary, the American West is ideal. This region offers many exceptional sites in addition to the legendary Route 66 or the Grand Canyon. But what are the must-see tours in the American West?

The must-see cities to visit in the American West

The first must-see city to visit in the American West is Los Angeles, the film city of the world. This city is famous for its high letters that dominate the heights, an ideal place for a picnic. It also has the mythical Walk of Fame street on Hollywood Boulevard. Los Angeles is also known for the world famous movie studios.

But if you like eccentricity, Las Vegas is for you. This city is characterized by its gigantic dedicated to gambling. You can also visit the reproduction of famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the palace of Venice or the Egyptian Sphinx.

Finally, the circuit in the American West, offer the most beautiful beaches that are located in San Diego near the Mexican border. It is also possible to visit gardens with a multitude of flowers and cacti, in addition to the world famous natural history museums in San Diego.

National parks to visit in the American West

In the American West, there are also must-see national parks, including the Grand Canyon in the California desert. It is one of the most visited sites in America with several million visitors each year. It is characterized by a great view where you can take original photos. The Death Valley is also famous in the American West, with the legendary Route 66 which passes through Death Valley. Numerous Indian reserves border the valley, you could make a beautiful cultural encounter.

Visiting the American West?

Several travel agencies on the internet offer all-expenses-paid trips for a road trip in the American West. For example, to visit San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, you will be taken on a bus with a bilingual guide who speaks several languages.

The rental of a motor home for a fortnight will be possible to drive on the main roads of the American West. This motorhome will allow you to visit the tourist sites according to your rhythm without being obliged to follow a classic circuit proposed by agencies. In addition, there are many sites specially equipped for motorhomes along the beaches of Monterey and Pismo Beach in San Diego.

In conclusion, the visit of the American West can be done in all seasons and adapts to all budgets. But for a total change of scenery and more wonder out of the traditional tours are recommended.