Many people dream of going on a trip around the world. But such a trip cannot be improvised at the last minute; on the contrary, it requires perfect organization in terms of tours and plane tickets, without forgetting administrative documents such as travel insurance. Some travel agencies have even specialized in the preparation of trips around the world. You can refer to many websites like for instance to get more tips.

A trip around the world

It is not as expensive as one might think and there are several travel agencies that are true specialists in this type of travel and other travel agencies specializing in theme travel. You can treat yourself to a trip around the world from 2000 euros, which is not too expensive considering the many destinations that are included. It takes at least three weeks, depending on the number of places you want to visit. Travel agencies specialising in round-the-world tours can take care of booking the plane tickets and when you are there you can even make last-minute changes remotely. Airlines also offer “round-the-world travel” packages at often attractive prices. It is up to you to find the offer that corresponds to your expectations.

Preparing a trip around the world

Preparing an authentic trip around the world requires a certain amount of organisation. Allow about three months of work to organize your tour around the world. First of all, start by defining the places you want to visit, taking into account the weather conditions: what is the best time for such and such a destination? Consult travel guides that will provide you with precise information on the different destinations of your trip around the world. Organize the booking of your plane tickets to benefit from the best rates. Opt for open tickets to have more freedom in your discoveries. This formula will allow you to spend more time in a place you particularly like and will give you a rest time.

You will need to plan a budget adapted to your travel time. It all depends on the length of your trip: three weeks, two months, or will you take a sabbatical year? Not all destinations cost the same. When you are there, some countries such as India, Nepal or Thailand will allow you to live at low cost while experiencing an authentic travel experience. Have a nice trip!