The countless Brazilian tourist attractions invite you to discover them, some of which will allow you to do unusual activities in Brazil. In particular, exploring the famous Amazonian forest on the Brazilian side will allow you to live a new experience while fishing for piranhas. Although the exceptional Iguaçu falls are a must during the day, it is also possible to go there at night during the full moon. Speaking of vertiginous falls, you also have the opportunity to climb one of the highest water slides in the world in Brazil, the famous Insano at the Fortaleza Water Park.

Fishing for piranhas in the Amazon rainforest

If you are planning a trip to Brazil, you will have the opportunity to indulge in a plethora of tourist activities during your stay. Indeed, among the Brazilian natural sites of interest that attract tourists is the famous Amazon rainforest. It allows visitors to live a unique experience in the midst of lush and wild nature. Moreover, some travel agencies organize expeditions guided by experts in this exceptional jungle allowing the most adventurous among you to camp there. During this camping, you will have the opportunity to explore this jungle, but also to go fishing for the famous predatory fish, the piranhas! This is an unusual experience that will surely remain engraved in your memories of your holiday in Brazil. All the more so as it is quite possible for you to taste them after having fished and prepared them of course.

Visit the Iguaçu falls during the full moon

The Iguaçu Falls in the eponymous national park are also among Brazil's most popular natural tourist attractions. Just like the exceptional Amazon rainforest or the Pantanal ecoregion. These sites of natural interest are often among the attractions to be discovered on a day trip. Moreover, by visiting the Iguaçu National Park during the day, especially when the sun is shining, you can admire rainbows on the wonderful Iguaçu Falls. On the other hand, a few days per month, you also have the possibility to visit the Iguaçu falls during the evening under certain conditions. Indeed, it is more precisely two days before the full moon and two days after, without counting the day of the full moon of course. All in all, you can make a tour in this Brazilian national park 5 days in the month during a few days of the full moon phase. Another unique spectacle awaits you in Iguaçu National Park during this night tour, which is illuminated only by moonlight with the sounds of the crashing waterfalls as background music.

Slide on the Insano River in the Fortaleza Water Park

The Brazilian coastline is particularly rich in sumptuous beaches, which are famous throughout the world for their beauty. One example is the famous Copacabana Beach in the eponymous district of Rio de Janeiro. If you want to enjoy the sea and its beautiful beaches, you can make a beach holiday in Brazil. In addition, you can also find water parks in Brazil if you don't feel like swimming and having fun at the sea. This is precisely the case of the Fortaleza water park, which is one of the most popular in Brazil. Especially since it has the second highest water slide in the world after "Verrückt", the Schlitterbahn Waterparks in Kansas, USA. This is the unique Insano, which will provide you with an unusual experience during your holiday in Brazil. Indeed, with a height of 41 m which is the equivalent of a building with about fifteen floors, this water slide will make you live intense moments of slide by making you reach the disproportionate speed of more than 100 km/h.