Published on : 15 June 20203 min reading time

Travelling is one of most people’s favourite pastimes. Organising a holiday or a stay or even a weekend with family, friends or lovers depends on the budget you have. But make sure to list the programs you would like to do during the trip. Knowing also the best destination to spend this holiday is very important. Please do a little research on the net to find out the best places to have nice moments.

Paris, Venice and Prague: the cities of love

If you’re thinking of going away for the weekend with your sweetheart. Three cities are the best destinations to recommend. The first one is Paris; with a small budget you can still impress your lover; short walks and picnics will be unforgettable moments. On the other hand, if you have saved a little more money then think about inviting him/her to the most beautiful restaurant in Paris, in the Eiffel Towers. The second ideal city is Venice, where there are colourful houses or Murano and glass objects, enjoy it. Finally, Prague, where you can look at the most beautiful astronomical clock.

The less known cities, but ideal for a weekend like Ghent, Florence, Lisbon…

Ghent is a city composed of several canals that you can discover. There you can also admire the mystic lamb, a famous painting in the Saint Bavo Cathedral. It has several parks to enjoy. Florence where the writer Stendhal was shocked. And the city center, the Boboli garden will be beautiful views for your walk.  For Lisbon, capital of the Portuguese. There are several beautiful places like Castelo, the Santa Justa, the tour of Belém. The mythical yellow tramway will give you an appointment too.

Annecy and Saint Petersburg: two magnificent cities; Amsterdam and Budapest: two attractive capitals

Two beautiful cities in different countries. The first one in Paris, called Annecy, romantic and soothing for a group walk and hike. It is also called the Venice of the Alps. There are several places to discover there like a lake, an old castle. In Saint Petersburg, discover a popular Russian city by the presentation of their Russian dolls movie. You can find there other cultures. There are also two attractive capitals like Amsterdam, the one in Europe with typical architecture, where cultural attractions are at your disposal. Budapest, the Hungarian capital, where several architectural buildings will introduce you to the history of the city. It is also the largest spa town with 123 springs.