Published on : 18 June 20203 min reading time

Albania is undoubtedly one of the least known destinations in Europe. And for good reason, the country has always been closed in on itself and has had a dictatorship for over 45 years. In recent years, the government has set itself a major challenge that is beginning to convince more and more people. It intends to open up to the world through the tourism sector by promoting the country’s most attractive sites. In a way, this is the birth of Albanian tourism.

The beauty of Albania through its must-see sites

Your trip to Albania is a great opportunity to discover picturesque sites, most of which are classified by UNESCO. Berat, the city of a thousand windows will fascinate you with its Ottoman veracity through the facades of its pretty houses. Climbing to the top of the high hill on which it stands, you will gain a resplendent view of all the surroundings. Tirana, the first city of Albania will also amaze you among the captivating sites such as the dome of the beautiful ET’hem Bey mosque, the natural history museum or the Tabakkane bridge which dates from the Ottoman period. You will also find in the town of Gjirokastër, a beautiful citadel, the sublime Skendulaj house and the house of Ismaël Kadaré, the most famous Albanian writer. The port city of Durres is also worth a visit. It has fascinating monuments, especially the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre and a stunning stone tower. The archaeological site of Butrint also abounds in historical wonders from several civilizations: Byzantine, Greek and Roman. The town of Butrint also contains majestic fountains. You can discover more about the Mediterranean tourism through many online websites like

Albania: where nature asserts its wonders

If you are looking for authenticity, Albania will make you dream. You can get lost in the green landscapes of the Karavasta lagoon, a true sanctuary for thousands of birds. It is also renowned as a shelter for curly pelicans, a species that is already endangered. This lagoon also includes small sandy islands and numerous pine trees. The Albanian Riviera also allows you to relax on its beautiful beaches.

Gastronomic specialities

Your stay in Albania will also be more enjoyable by tasting Albanian food. Indulge yourself with a mixture of eastern and western gastronomy. Corn and polenta are the main ingredients used in Albanian cuisine. Throughout the country, breathtaking dishes such as dried meat, vine leaves, and even stuffed cabbage will be offered to you. You can also enjoy all kinds of food made from mutton. You can also enjoy baklavas or yoghurt made from sheep’s milk that tastes like cheese.