For a truly unique stay, take advantage of organized trips to Venice. You will discover the charm of this city built on the water, perfect for honeymooners. Leave the organization of your trip to a travel agent and you will just have to enjoy the moment. He will find you top-of-the-range hotels and book you the best hotel room. He will also book you a guesthouse, if this is more to your liking.

To visit Andorra, travel arrangements are essential. A small travel guide to understand the travel season will then be useful. If you wish to enjoy paradisiacal sites, mountain travel or hiking, a trip in summer, especially in July and September, will be advisable. For those who love skiing and other snowy activities, a trip in winter (December and January) will be necessary.

One of the new trends to try for your theme trips is slow tourism. This is a holiday where you take your time to soak up and appreciate the landscapes, nature and paradise sites of your destination. It is also a type of culinary tourism. Thus, you will be seduced by the local gastronomy by visiting restaurants and night markets.

You can also discover responsible tourism or sustainable tourism, i.e. ecotourism and solidarity tourism, a subject that is also well explored by the Digital Nomad Couple. Ecotourism has as a travel theme the protection of the environment, by discovering natural tourist sites. Solidarity tourism is respectful of the country of destination, it concerns unusual natural destinations, or not.

  • Select your travel destination
  • Opt for a local travel agency
  • Meet and interact with locals
  • Favour unusual and little-known destinations
  • Try random locations to enhance immersion.
  • Escape for a road trip

Cyclotouring allows you to travel while taking full advantage of the landscapes and the freedom to go wherever you want. It can be done as a solo or group trip.

  • A la carte accommodation arrangements
  • Formula for family and solo travel
  • Travel on a cruise or enjoy a safari
  • Partner airlines
  • Choice of winter and summer destinations
  • Ease with administrative procedures and documents

Travel as you wish, you decide your travel budget, your means of transportation and the tours you want to visit, then the travel agency takes care of everything.


If you are passing through Italy, you should not miss to visit Rome, one of the most important historical cities. The historical monuments of this city are numerous and grandiose, and will take your breath away. You can marvel at the size and grandeur of the Colosseum, a giant construction of yesteryear. In addition, the tourist sites, such as the Pantheon, will surprise you with their architectural beauties.

Italy is also the meeting place for those who are passionate about gastronomy. You can visit Italy only for culinary tourism. Here you can taste the Italian pizzas, which have become famous all over the world. You should not forget the pasta, which is a must in this country. In any case, the richness of the recipes and the quality of the ingredients will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

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